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Buying condominiums in Toronto part “3”

Buying condominiums in Toronto

You did your research, exhausted your resources, chose a very good Toronto real Estate agent & studied all factors required to be considered before buying condominium in Toronto mentioned ( in part 1 & 2 of this article) under basic & details factors; it is time for the most important step in the entire process of buying your new home. Drafting offer of Purchase and sale.

Your Toronto Real Estate agent will help you putting that offer, filling the details and setting the price and proper conditions to protect your rights, it is very important to understand every detail; condition and obligation set in that contract, if the offer was accepted by the seller and all conditions were waved. The offer will become binding contract and lawfully both buyer and seller are committed to that contract.

The inclusions of purchase and sale offer must be clear with absolutely no space for confusion or misunderstanding. Set of conditions must be included in that offer to protect the buyer rights; you don’t have to worry about those conditions as this is the work of your Toronto Real Estate agent.

Any Real estate agent in Toronto knows that setting the price in purchase and sale agreement is their top duties at this stage. They don’t want to upset their clients after they found the perfect home. There are many methods that realtors in Toronto are trained by which they can get accurate results in regard to the market price of the property.

many buyers believes that they can set the price without any help of their real estate agent, they will be considering listing prices for similar condos specially condominiums downtown Toronto. However real estate agent in Toronto has access to actual selling prices not the listing ones.

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  1. Yes, it is good to get a good real estate agent to take all the details, price checking, real estate information, condition and obligation to protect all the documents and contracts of each buyers and sellers.

  2. Short, sweet, to the point, FREE-exactly as information should be!

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